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Letters to the editor (On Cameron Schaeffer's commentary): Nov. 30


On Nov. 19, Cameron Schaeffer attempted to diagnosis the op-ed penned by pofessor Ernie Yanarella about the Kentucky election. He cherry-picked references that influenced the founding fathers. Many of the founders of our country were deeply concerned with inequality and the issues highlighted by Yanarella.

John Adams: “The capricious will of one or a very few … the rich and the proud … will destroy all the equality and liberty, with the consent and acclamations of the people themselves.” Adams mused that the goal of the democracy was not to help the wealthy and powerful, but to achieve “the greatest happiness for the greatest number.”

For James Madison, inequality was vile and government ought to counteract “an immoderate, and especially unmerited, accumulation of riches.” Madison preferred “the silent operation of laws which, without violating the rights of property, reduce extreme wealth towards a state of mediocrity, and raise extreme indigents towards a state of comfort.”

George Washington held the U.S. “will be the most favorable country of any kind in the world for persons of industry and frugality, possessed of moderate capital, to inhabit … it will not be less advantageous to the happiness of the lowest class of people, because of the equal distribution of property.”

Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton said, “Whenever a discretionary power is lodged in any set of men over the property of their neighbors, they will abuse it.”

The architects of the U.S. were not one dimensional.

– Roy Silver Benham


Cameron Schaeffer is a great doctor. He has many valid points and concerns about our national debt. Where he goes astray ia his condescending and wordy blame of progressive politics as the culprit for the debt and other things.

President Jimmy Carter chose to let the economy recover on its own in the late 1970s. That cost him an election. President Ronald Reagan, the greatest of all conservatives, used government stimulus to spur the economy. As a result, the debt tripled and he raised the debt limit 15 times. Both are still records.

President Bill Clinton managed to raise taxes, spur growth while managing a balanced budget and little growth in the debt. Despite inheriting great circumstances, President George

W. Bush doubled the debt. He signed Medicare Part D, the largest unfunded welfare program since Social Security. It still adds $80 billion to our debt every year.

President Barack Obama inherited a $1.5 trillion deficit, two unpaid-for wars, 750,000 monthly job losses and crashing economies around the world. As of last year, the deficits are one-third of those in 2008.

The fact that an intelligent man like Schaeffer can be indoctrinated to toe the Tea Party line and blame progressives shows how good their propaganda machine is. That makes the far-right know-nothings easy prey.

– Tony McCoy Versailles

At issue: Nov.19 commentary by Cameron Schaeffer, “Ky. election a repudiation of progressive politics”

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