Letters to the Editor

Kentucky pensions will be exposed

Thankfully we already have our new auditor, Mike Harmon, making our unfunded pensions a top priority as we start to dig ourselves out of the mess left by former Gov. Steve Beshear and House Speaker Greg Stumbo. Of course Stumbo will be around a little longer, until Kentucky closes the deal by electing a Republican majority.

A large part of the reason that Beshear so woefully underfunded the pensions was Democrat patronage. We all know the good ol’ boy atmosphere that existed in Frankfort. It’s no surprise Stumbo gave his now infamous “Mary riding an elephant” speech last election night. He and his elite cronies knew the easy-money, gravy-train days were over.

I hope Harmon will dig deep. I hope he goes back as far as he can and sheds daylight on the heretofore shrouded world of Kentucky Democrat good ol’ boy political patronage. No doubt there will be enough seamy underbellies to keep him busy for two terms.

Keep a sharp eye on whether Attorney General Andy Beshear tries to block him. This young fellow may not be like daddy, and this will be his first test.

Bill Marshall