Letters to the Editor

Support Sanders for needed reforms

In the 1960s, youth, listening to wise elders, pushed civil rights and opposed the Vietnam War and discriminatory draft, beginning great efforts for equality and equity.

Similarly, excitement of youth today is supporting Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Better solutions have not been the priority of politicians, nor their financiers, who control national, state and local governments.

Citizens rightfully don’t vote; politicians are not trusted. Fears and hatred are escalated by the same folks giving us terrible leadership.

We have to address: horrendous health care costs; excessively expensive education; reality of police having cause to fear people (massive gun availability) and people justly fearing police; judicial injustice, economic inequality (particularly women and minorities); toxins in air, water, soil and food; corrupt elections, rigged taxation and financial systems; environmental sustainability; women’s reproductive health and overpopulation; equalizing taxation and breaking up big banks and Wall Street; rebuilding infrastructure; realistically addressing drugs and prejudicial mass incarceration; foreign policy and trade agreements and escalating wars.

Sanders demands changes. His election reforms, principles, courage, sincerity and honesty will prompt more candidates to want our better future.

Make sure government is our government. Support Sanders.

Don Pratt