Letters to the Editor

Coal, Obama and Gray

It’s funny that people say there is no war on coal when we have less and less work to do. The people who say those things know nothing about this part of Kentucky.

I had to receive unemployment compensation for a while, but thankfully I got called back. I’ve driven a coal truck for 27 years and know for certain that President Barack Obama has had his way here. It has never been like it is now. Those who say otherwise don’t know what they think they know.

Editorial writer Jacalyn Carfagno recently said she likes Obama; I suppose she must like the devil, too. Environmentalist Tom Fitzgerald talked of taking jobs that aren’t really here for miners. How stupid — take a job for $8 an hour job in place of $25?

Now Lexington Mayor Jim Gray wants to be senator. I guess he ignored the last race for governor in which Jack Conway stood crying over the gay issue mentioning how it would affect his daughter. It was reported on WYMT in Hazard that the likely reason he lost was that stand.

So I hope that the good folks in this state look at Gray and just say no.

Ray E. Davis Jr.

Hager Hill