Letters to the Editor

Radiation a danger in Estill

About 700,000 people drink water from the Kentucky River, which runs through the city of Irvine. Last year, Irvine received 4 million to 10 million pounds of concentrated, radioactive fracking residue from Advanced TENORM Services LLC, which further concentrated waste from Virginia-based Fairmont Brine Processing.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Radiation Health officials, tipped off about illegal shipments in January, waited until March to warn landfills to be on the lookout for illegal shipments of radioactive materials.

Fracking wastes from the Eastern U.S. Marcellus Shale carry radium 226, which has a radioactive half-life of 5,000 years. Radium accumulates in the bone and causes bone cancer. Landfill liners last for 30 years, minus the 5,000-year half-life, which makes radium less toxic. Estill County just got screwed to the tune of at least 4,970 years.

The folks that arranged this deal need to go to prison. Advanced TENORM needs to pay for the complete removal of this material, for the evacuation and relocation of Estill Countians and for spring water for the 700,000 of us who don’t want to drink radium 226.

I implore Gov. Matt Bevin to get involved.

Leslie Bruner,