Letters to the Editor

Abused girls ignored in bathroom debate

Regarding the paper’s editorial statement: “There’s no factual evidence that anyone’s safety is jeopardized by sharing a bathroom with a transgender individual.”

First, one message of Little Red Riding Hood was that a wolf disguised as a grandmother could be a threat. I know of no requirement that a male must have a “transgender license” to use women’s facilities. There is evidence of girls being freaked out by males (transgender or not) using their facilities.

Second, and more important, I know of a girl who, as a 5-year-old kindergarten student, was molested by older boys. She was severely traumatized. Potentially, merely hearing television coverage of the bathroom controversy could freak her out, even if she had no rational basis to be concerned.

The point is that girls who have been molested, like transgender males, are an invisible minority who have rights and interests to be protected. Certainly, we need to hear from the professional counselors who treat such girls to understand the mental-health implications of allowing·a male to share restroom facilities with them.

Rape victims are also a minority, but at least they have advocates.

Boyd B. Richardson