Letters to the Editor

Pride festival divisive

There will be a gay pride festival in Lexington on Saturday. Why? Is it to show they are proud of their alternative lifestyle? I don’t care what any person does in the privacy of their own home that is lawful and consensual. I care that people are of good character, have respect for their neighbors and take care of their families.

A lot of money, which could be put to better use, will be spent on the event. There are scores of charities that could use help and money. The organizers and participants should do something to make themselves feel good and benefit others.

Discrimination will always be around and is wrong. But events like this festival inflame it. Anything that excludes others because of their color, religion or sexual orientation is a reason for protests. There are enough problems in this world without creating more.

I hope the city reconsiders allowing and supporting this event.

Patricia Carpenter