Letters to the Editor

No need for assault weapons

I cannot understand how we can support the sale of assault weapons to every Tom, Dick, Jane or Harry who walks into a gun store or gun show, or uses the Internet.

The Senate just turned down bills that would limit gun sales and ban them to people on a suspected terrorist no-fly list. Sen. Mitch McConnell and his brethren seem to be worried that we would inconvenience someone’s immediate gratification to slaughter innocent Americans.

Where is the logic in owning an assault weapon? Where is the need?

The Second Amendment and government oppression via gun control? Read the amendment closely. When was the last time you went to a militia meeting? Do you really think you and other untrained yahoos will be able to withstand today’s military and police when you start a rebellion as our forefathers did in 1776?

Hunting? The humane and sporting way is one well-placed shot. Why carry the other 29 rounds?

Home protection? Thirty rounds through the walls, floor or ceiling into another room occupied by your children, spouse or a neighbor in another apartment? Get a handgun, pepper spray or a baseball bat, learn self-defense, or better yet, adopt a dog from the local shelter.

Jim Brutsman