Letters to the Editor

Sounds like a power grab

In regard to the June 22 article discussing Gov. Matt Bevin’s right to disband state boards, it bothers me when I hear someone stating that he has “absolute authority,” in this case “to disband any state board and commission.” It bothers me because no one has absolute power over anything simply because they think they do.

The conclusion of the article states, “Bevin abolished the nominating panel, rewrote the law that governed it, and then re-created it with new members, all by executive order.” These words also make me nervous. I wonder whether Bevin sees himself as governor of all Kentuckians or some sort of monarch who has no care for any input but his own.

There is an old proverb: “The trunk of the tree always shows through the leaves.”

I will retrieve my copy of the Kentucky constitution and bring myself up to date.

Diana Nave