Letters to the Editor

Time for real leadership on gun violence

Having lived through Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech and countless other gun massacres in the United States, I continue to wonder when there might be an outbreak of responsibility and common sense in the Senate and House.

In Orlando, the gunman was able to purchase his assault rifle just days before the attack despite the fact that he had been on a terrorist watch list. Yet legislation to end this dangerous loophole was just defeated in Congress. Now is the time to correct this inexcusable political failure.

The gun used in this horrific shooting was an AR-15, the same weapon used in the tragedies at San Bernardino and Sandy Hook. This is a pattern that cannot be allowed to continue. There have been 134 mass shootings this year alone. We need to come together as Americans and put an end to this ongoing tragedy.

Poll after poll of citizens show 80 to 90 percent of our country want real action to reduce gun violence by supporting universal background checks and banning assault weapons. Unfortunately, we are not being heard.

Sister Judy Morris

Justice promoter, Dominican Sisters of Peace

St. Catharine