Letters to the Editor

Heck, yeah, treat guns like cars

A June 15 letter asked a fair question about the double standard applied to guns versus cars, saying that drunken drivers are blamed for deaths they may cause, not the cars they drive. So here’s an idea: Let’s treat our guns like our cars.

Guns should be registered with the state when purchased, and resale or transfer of the gun must also be registered. Gun owners must be licensed and, to obtain that license, must pass both a written test and a practical test with a learner’s permit first, then a full license when competence is demonstrated. The license must be renewed every few years, and a different license should be required for different classes of weapons. Gun insurance should be required.

As gasoline is taxed, so should ammunition be taxed, and heavily, to build a fund (like road funds) to pay for the inevitable destruction caused by guns. Gasoline may not be bought online for home delivery, neither should ammunition.

Cars have ignition locks; guns should have safety locks to prevent children from misusing them.

Finally, gun manufacturers should meet higher standards; safety measures for guns should be demanded to prevent misuse or use by unauthorized people.

None of these ideas would negate or trespass on the Second Amendment.

Roger Paige