Letters to the Editor

Standardize Kentucky’s rural speed limits

Rep. Will Coursey has gotten the transportation secretary to raise the speed limit on some rural, four-lane highways in his district to 65 mph, in the name of economic efficiency and development. Other rural four-lane highways in Western Kentucky have already been raised to 65.

Meanwhile, in Central Kentucky, I’m stuck behind someone blocking the passing lane at 55 mph on a rural four-lane highway with a wide median and paved shoulders. No one at the local transportation office will return my call regarding the justification for posting these roads and the narrow, undivided rural highways at the same speed.

Evidently, speed limits are politicized in Kentucky and not uniformly applied.

Call me naive, but roads of the same class and design should carry the same speed limit; it should not depend on whether your state legislator is willing to pull strings with the Transportation Cabinet.

Shane Wilson