Letters to the Editor

Why work if getting help?

Why work if your friendly government can support you and your family?

Our government considers the poverty level for an individual to be $11,880 a year, and $24,300 for a family of four. Obviously, if you do not work, you do not make this income and are eligible for many benefits.

A healthful environment of good food, shelter and medical care should never be denied, but what about those who have used the system to perpetuate a life of not working? This minority is a drain on our communities.

This brings up unemployment insurance, which every employer must have. An unemployed individual can receive up to 1.19 percent of his wages per quarter with the minimum amount $39 per week and the maximum $415.

If, after a certain period of time, an individual voluntarily leaves his job, he is ineligible for this benefit.

However, if he is terminated by the employer because he cannot do the job for any number of reasons — including doing the work improperly and being late — he is eligible for unemployment insurance. Basically, the only method of not collecting unemployment insurance benefits is dishonesty in any number of ways, such as theft.

If a person wants to take advantage of this system, he can work for a certain period of time and be so incompetent that that he is fired.

Another program that needs to be scrutinized.

Ben Kaufmann