Letters to the Editor

No dignity in Medicaid plan

Gov. Matt Bevin’s planned Medicaid reforms are inhumane and reveal how little he understands the lives of the working poor.

In a state where the minimum wage is $2 per hour less than a living wage in most countries, asking people earning less than $4,000 a year to pay a premium for Medicaid adds insult to injury.

Even if that premium was less than $10 a month, many of our poorest workers cannot spare even that. Many poor workers are struggling just to buy food and pay rent.

In cities with a higher cost of living, like Lexington, even workers earning above the poverty level are struggling. Medicaid is the one functional benefit Kentucky’s workers have left and now our tyrant wants to destroy that as well.

Bevin’s notion that the poor think free access to health care is some sort of affront to their dignity is absurd. “Dignity” does not pay hospital bills.

Ben Sherman