Letters to the Editor

Nationalism no solution

I saw a TV interview with a white nationalist leader delighted with Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate for president. The man saw it as part of a worldwide trend of the growth of nationalist parties aiming at resisting globalism.

Globalism has indeed caused many disruptions among the political functioning of many nations and caused great fear among citizens who have been economically displaced by these changes.

But nationalism, such as Trump espouses, offers no enduring solutions to the problems the world population faces.

Many of our problems are global, requiring global solutions: nuclear proliferation, climate change, population migration, mutual defense and, above all, no nation today can have a thriving economy so long as the rest of the world’s economy does not thrive.

Barack Obama’s recognition of these needs has made him one of America’s greater presidents. He has moved the country forward on all these fronts, by acting always on the basis of international cooperation, the only possible solution to the problems of globalism and a clear alternative to the nationalist policies of Trump.

Clinton Collins