Letters to the Editor

FBI too easy on Clinton

Evidently, the FBI has ruled that the law does not apply to people in high positions in Washington.

As a retired military officer with over 30 years of service who routinely worked with classified materials, I feel qualified to speak on this ruling. Any person who has served in the military and handled classified information knows the rules and regulations. There is not a Court of Military Justice anywhere that would find Hilary Clinton not guilty of mishandling classified materials.

Careers of many have been destroyed because of mishandling, accidental loss or disclosure of classified information. Airplanes are equipped with radio systems that can change frequencies up to 64 times per second to prevent the enemy from intercepting sensitive communications, yet the secretary of state does nothing to protect matters of national security.

This administration has made a mockery of our military, our Constitution and our nation’s security. I have lost all faith in our federal government and cannot help but wonder what kind of country my grandchildren will grow up in. God help the United States.

John Amshoff