Letters to the Editor

Taylors served well

University of the Cumberlands President Jim Taylor and his wife, Dinah, reached out to my family shortly after my son’s death in 1999. Their genuine compassion and love extended to my family and was instrumental in our journey of healing.

In May 2003, we attended Jim Taylor’s conference at what was then called Cumberland College. During our visit, we toured the campus and were amazed by the facility. When speaking to several members of the staff and numerous students, it was quite apparent the success of the college was primarily due to the dedication and hard work of Jim and Dinah Taylor.

We recently discovered that the university where he worked for more than 35 years is attempting to take away his retirement benefits. The Taylors have dedicated their lives to their beloved college and the community it serves. It is inconceivable that the school will not honor a contract agreed to years ago.

Joe Kechter

Evergreen, Colo.