Letters to the Editor

Congress is no help

Congress has us right where it wants us: in the midst of chaos, death and destruction. This is by design. The two positions of authority in Congress, speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader, have not passed laws that benefit the American people. These positions should not be held by a racial bigot or a compulsive liar.

We the people are on the low scale of society. Police, protester or observers — we all are nothing but pawns in a chess game. We are the ones sacrificed so power pieces can win the game. The restart of the game leads only to more sacrifices, maybe to the point of no return.

If we are an angry society, why have we not recalled Congress? These are the lawmakers. The president only signs bills into laws. Congress members should be required to vote on the needs of the people and not a political party.

I am copying this to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

James Rodgers