Letters to the Editor

Blacks for Trump shameful

After watching the Republican convention on July 20, mostly because there was nothing else on but reruns, I felt that, as an African-American who has been in the world more than seven and a half decades, I had to say something.

First, it is appalling and shameful to see any African-American, such as Pastor Darrell Scott, Lynn Patton and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark, on that podium or in the audience. Donald Trump has made personal hurtful remarks against us as a race.

He has made hurtful and nasty remarks against Hispanics, and yet there was Dr. Ralph Alvarado, endorsing the candidate.

He has made nasty remarks about Muslims and made fun of disabled people. None of this is political; this is personal.

He has no knowledge of substance of the problems of our nation. He has only one thing on his mind: money. The presidency will be a toy for him to play with. If elected, Trump will destroy this great nation.

Ronald V. Henry