Letters to the Editor

Christians should be offended

According to the July 8 Herald-Leader, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, was on hand to protest the use of state tax incentives for Ark Encounter. Why would our government discriminate against a legal business that brings jobs and promotes tourism for our state, Christian or otherwise? Have we become so accustomed to being put down for being Christians?

If Silverman read Genesis, he would see that all living things are designed with the ability to reproduce in like kind. You plant a tomato seed, you get a tomato plant. All the animals, birds, fish and humans are living today only because they were designed by their Creator to reproduce in like kind. Man toys with reproduction, but when a man and woman produce a baby, it is a human being. This is not evolution; this is reproduction in like kind.

Silverman said an 8-year-old could prove Earth’s age. Our solar system is located on one finger of the Milky Way galaxy. To determine Earth’s age, you would have to determine the galaxy’s. That may be difficult since carbon dating has proved to be inaccurate in numerous cases.

Christians should be offended by the constant denigration of our faith.

Brown Sharp