Letters to the Editor

Eblen tries shaming GOP

After reading Tom Eblen’s column about the GOP, I feel like he’s shaming anyone who votes Republican.

I don’t really like Donald Trump; he’s a little too braggadocios, in-your-face and just plain annoying. But Hillary Clinton? No.

Trump doesn’t have blood on his hands as Clinton does with the deaths in Benghazi.

Trump doesn’t hide his actions; Clinton’s private email server was against the rules and 30,000 emails are missing.

If you’re Trump, you say “why” and don’t give a flying hoot that GOP candidate stayed home from the Republican National Convention.

What’s that you say? Trump has been divorced three times? Did Clinton stay married to an unfaithful man simply to remain relevant? Women, Clinton is not the answer.

Finally, the loudest Trump naysayers are those who devoted a lifetime to some elected position. If you want change; you gotta be brave. Who looks brave to you?

Lynn Embaugh