Letters to the Editor

Name new school for coach

S.T. Roach
S.T. Roach

The Fayette County high school under construction on Winchester Road has yet to be named. I am told that the principal, once chosen, will appoint a committee to select a name for it. I suggest that it be named for S.T. Roach, the legendary Dunbar Bearcats basketball coach.

George Wilson, a recent inductee into the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame, who played for Roach, was quoted in the Herald-Leader about his coach instilling a sense of discipline in his players. Wilson said: “We had different standards if you were on that basketball team. There’s things that you had to do that he expected from us and that meant a lot. Most of the guys who were on that squad got it from home anyway, but Coach made sure we kept it.”

Roach also played a prominent role in the integration of the Fayette County schools. He did it through the sense of discipline he imparted on this players by personal example which, in turn, carried over in their actions on and off the court. He was a credit not only to his profession, but to Fayette County as a whole. Naming the high school after him would inspire others to emulate this local icon.

I hope the committee will carefully consider naming it for Roach.

Joseph M. Hood