Letters to the editor: Gun policies

Increasing gun profits

It is undeniable that mass shootings are profitable. Statistics show that gun sales boomed after each mass shooting or school shooting under the previous presidential administration.

Gun enthusiasts rushed out after each massacre to purchase the latest Rambo-style automatic assault rifle or sniper weapon out of fear that public backlash would strengthen or create filters to limit gun ownership to sane, credible and responsible citizens.

Under the current leadership in Frankfort and Washington, the post-killing gun sale spike did not occur, which puzzled analysts until research revealed gun enthusiasts were confident no new gun laws would be enacted by these leaders. That may have been a disturbing trend to gun company accountants.

However, there has been a development that might save the day: There is a move to arm teachers across America. That could result in nearly half a billion dollars in sales in coming years. That will certainly help those gun company’s stocks and keep the campaign contributions rolling.

Maybe there will be enough leftover cash for gun companies to lobby against more mental-health services, stricter gun purchasing background checks or increased school funding for at-risk students because those things just don’t help sell guns.

Ernie Whisman


How many more?

How many of our nation’s innocent children must die from gun violence before we say enough? Evidently, we have not yet reached that figure. Will we ever? Every day that passes without banning AR-15s and other military-style weapons sends a message to our children that our weapons are more important than they are. They go to school wondering, “Is this the day I die?” Our inaction shows that their fears are valid.

Barbara Plymale


Limits on defense exist

The constitutionality of an assault rifle ban must be argued on the grounds of a legal definition of home defense.

You defend your home with a gun or non-automatic rifle, not a bazooka. Assault rifles mess human bodies up too much. Suppose a burglar breaks into your house. With a pistol, there is at least a chance you can stop a burglar rather than kill him. You can be held liable for using excessive force.

Use of an assault rifle for home defense is unreasonable for another reason. Our right to bear arms has an obvious limitation. The Supreme Court tried to say the “well-regulated militia” part of the Second Amendment had no certain meaning, but they, like the Founding Fathers, were still assuming you’re allowed to bear arms, but not against the United States. The acceptance of the conditions under which you have the right to bear arms entails allegiance to the government that administers the laws.

Treason is not a thought crime. It requires follow-through. But anyone who thinks they are defending themselves from the government by stockpiling war weapons is living in a particularly dangerous dream world.

Jeffrey Lewis


Gun laws discriminate

We send consistently inconsistent messages to our youth. We have retailers denying adults over 18 but under 21 the ability to purchase a legal firearm. What if they denied the right to those of us over 60 based purely on age? Isn’t this age discrimination?

What if they were to deny someone a product or service based on sex, race or religion? A retailer denied someone a wedding cake and the world crumbles, but deny a constitutionally guaranteed right to tens of millions and we are silent?

When retailers won’t sell a legal firearm to a group of legal adults as we currently define them, we simply have another knee-jerk reaction and add to the inconsistency. We adults who have put this patchwork logic together should be questioned about our own power of logical reasoning. I urge my fellow adults to get our act together and set a positive example by offering some consistency in our laws.

We have a people problem, not a tool problem. Evil people doing evil things is the issue. Whether they choose an automobile, a pressure cooker, a machete or a firearm the act of evil is primary.

Michael Oberto


Tools abound

Automatic weapons are tools that allow a person to kill more people faster and at a safer distance. The folks who bow to the gun advocates’ argument that every person who supports gun control is after all your guns are also tools. The gun has no conscience or soul; it is a tool. Sadly, many gun advocates are tools, too.

Norman E. Goldie Jr.

Mount Sterling