Broadband a lifesaver in telehealth

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Telecommunications technologies, like the apps and services on our smart phones, tablets, and wristbands, are revolutionizing how we access health care and information, and are playing a dynamic role in the lives of older Americans.

Access to affordable and high-quality broadband connections — a challenge in rural areas — can help make telehealth a reality, bringing medical care and health information to those who can’t easily get to a doctor’s office.

As Congressional District Six volunteer representative for AARP Kentucky, I am confident that our state’s unpaid family caregivers would welcome even greater access to telehealth services. It’s not uncommon for family caregivers to travel long distances to bring their loved ones to a health specialist.

Research finds that older adults are finding comfort with many of today’s technologies. Internet and smart phone use is up significantly, with over two-thirds of those ages 65 and older using the internet.

For the health and prosperity of all older Kentuckians and their families, it’s my hope that we continue to work together to remove barriers to telehealth, including bringing affordable and high-quality broadband to more people.

Merrylyn Moran-Smith