Bevin lambasts teachers, but who can believe what he says?

Teachers, supporters rally against pension-reform legislation on the Capitol steps on March 12.
Teachers, supporters rally against pension-reform legislation on the Capitol steps on March 12.

Teachers are understandably upset with Gov. Matt Bevin’s vitriolic harangue calling them “ignorant,” “selfish,” and accusing them of “throwing temper tantrums” in a recent interview.

I, too, was appalled at first. But I soon found solace in the obvious fact that Bevin is a proven liar.

In 2017, Bevin accused Courier Journal and WAVE TV of flying a drone over his home. He claimed that the drone took pictures of his children. He claimed that a CJ reporter came to the governor’s home with three attorneys trying to get into his house.

Courier Journal responded as follows: TV station WDRB acknowledged flying the drone. The drone did not film any children.

Only one attorney accompanied C-J reporter Tom Loftus who was there to point out that the inspection to determine the value of the home was a public meeting and subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act.

In his election campaign, Bevin assured voters “I have no tax delinquency problem, nor have I ever.”

In February, 2017, C-J reported that Bevin mailed a check for $11,080 to cover the original bill of $9,157 due on December 2016 so he had to pay a penalty because he was delinquent.

On a recorded videotape, when asked about the Medicaid expansion that had brought health insurance to millions of people, Bevin responded, “Absolutely. I would reverse that immediately.” But the Huffington Post reported that he denied saying those videotaped words.

When asked about Head Start, Bevin said “We’ve spent $170 billion on something that serves no purpose.” C-J reported a few days later that he called reports that he said that “baloney.”

In 2014 Bevin listed attendance at MIT at the top of his LinkedIn profile. Even Mitch McConnell’s campaign accused him of lying. MIT confirmed that the program Bevin was referring to was not affiliated with MIT in any way.

Bevin claimed to have worked extensively for Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign in 2014 and that doubters should check with Larry Cox, a longtime McConnell adviser. When asked about that claim, Cox told reporter Joe Sonka that he had no evidence of Bevin’s support for McConnell. The former chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party also denied Bevin’s claims.

When challenging McConnell in 2014, Bevin derided McConnell for supporting the federal bailout of 2008 for banks and Wall Street giants, the Troubled Assets Relief Program. But according to the C-J, he once signed a document that credited TARP with boosting the value of his mutual fund, Veracity Funds, by 18 percent during a quarter when the economy was locked in a meltdown.

In response to the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, Bevin tried to divert attention from support for the National Rifle Association by claiming that video games are responsible for school shootings. Psychologist Patrick Markey of Villanova University cited research that 80 percent of school shooters had no interest in video games.

The governor touts his signing a bill to teach the Bible in schools as a victory for religious liberties. Perhaps he needs to enroll in public school where these “ignorant, selfish teachers” can enlighten him as to the teachings of Jesus on the sins of lying.

So, when Bevin accuses teachers of “being ignorant, selfish and throwing temper tantrums,” I know he is just adding to his considerable repertoire of flagrant lies because he is a pathological liar.

One thing is certain: Matt Bevin ain’t no George Washington.

Roger Guffey of Lexington is a math professor. Reach him at rlguffey1@insightbb.com.