Amy McGrath no ex-marine, Andy Barr no ex-congressman

Amy McGrath will challenge Rep. Andy Barr.
Amy McGrath will challenge Rep. Andy Barr.

Amy McGrath may become the most famous female bomber pilot since Kara Hultgreen, the first female carrier-based fighter pilot in the Navy

Some of us hope that McGrath can fly low enough over what is left of the mountains to see what her opponent’s supporters are doing to us, and maybe we will send her a little cash.

Mountain Democrats have no congressman and find it necessary to meddle in other districts so they can maybe almost have one. Liberals don’t actually send money to candidates much. If they had any, they would be on the other side.

Political analysts — or should we as a group be called “analists” — believe that the real reason McGrath won was not her military stuff, but because she looks like a basketball coach. But when you get right down to it, so does congressional candidate Reggie Thomas.

McGrath will be all over the place now, learning little town names and meeting people. Here are some warnings about meeting a Marine, which I learned from almost having to ass a Marine in the knee one time.

No. 1: Never call one an “ex-Marine.” They will snarl and give you one of those “semper fi” speeches about once, always, etc.

Always mention Lt. Presley Neville O’Bannon, who was buried first in Henry County and then Franklin County and who whipped the Barbary pirates and planted the first American flag on foreign soil, on the “shores of Tripoli” and to whom the Marine sword you see on television was presented.

You and McGrath will have something to talk about then. If she tries to start a fight with you over something, don’t be surprised, but run.

Some says Light Kernel Amy may have to run a little, too — kind of back toward the middle — but I’m not sure there is a middle anywhere.

If you are standing with one foot on a hot stove (Democratic) and the other on a block of ice (Republican) you would think that you would be comfortable in the middle, but it turns out there isn’t one. You either watch Fox or MSNBC and have to pick one or the other.

Just mention to McGrath that you want the same kind of health care that “ex-Marines” get. Better yet, tell that to Rep. Andy Barr.

This writer once said of the Barr crowd, which was legislating at the time that certain segments of society were unworthy of food, that the milk of human kindness has curdled in their chests.

That was before Mr. Waggie Finger, who counts Barr among his most ardent sycophants. The only way to finger back is to Ex-Lax Congress.

Mr. Waggie Finger cannot be stopped by indictment. He is immune. He will claim that fact as proof of another, no collusion. They can indict 300 and each one tell on Mr. Waggie Finger, but still he cannot be indicted.

He cannot be impeached. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to do so. Not going to happen.

So it is up to McGrath.

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