Is criticizing Trump a job killer?

Rob Rogers, award-winning Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial page cartoonist, was fired this week for doing what he’s done for 25 years. Publisher John Robinson Block had recently killed a series of Rogers’ cartoons, pictured below, all having to do with President Donald Trump, or one of his policies.

Block issued predictable statements about the cartoonist being not funny, too “enraged” and even compared the relationship to a broken marriage. (There’s a joke in the business about it being worse than that. You might find another spouse, but never another cartooning job.)

In Russia, they may poison opposition journalists. In Turkey or Syria, they may be imprisoned. In the Land of the Free, if you cross the Dear Leader, you just get your livelihood stripped. So much more civilized. Enraging doesn’t begin to describe it.

— Joel Pett

Cut! I left out the greedy, thuggish teachers, responsible for child molesting!