Letters to editor: Trump border policy

President Donald Trump, with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Vice President Mike Pence, signed an executive order Wednesday to end family separations at the border after public and congressional opposition.
President Donald Trump, with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Vice President Mike Pence, signed an executive order Wednesday to end family separations at the border after public and congressional opposition. New York Times

No good options

Pretend you are in charge of managing immigration requests and you have a whole notebook of instructions by which to do your job.

But public opinion will not allow you your choices. What now? All the living first ladies have voiced outrage. Journalists have jumped on the bandwagon, old people and young people alike have decried the current “no tolerance” policy.

So, do we send the kids to jail with the parents? Keep the kids with the parents and all go to internment camps and are later deported back to their original countries with no punishment? Charge the parents or the Mexican government with illegal infringements? How do you stop illegal immigration? Make America less attractive? Do we erect gun towers in lieu of having tried everything else? What is the answer?

Donna C. Jennings


Child abuse as policy

I cherish my time with my 1½ year old, partly because I know how fast time flies by. Every day I am apart from her for work or travel, it’s like she’s a new person when we are reunited. She learns so much and grows so quickly at this stage. Being with her is joyful and tender and funny and full of so much love. Being her mom motivates me to work hard as a small-business owner to ensure she enjoys the highest quality of life I am able to provide.

If she were taken from me, I would shrivel up; my light would burn out. A part of me — the best part of me — would be broken beyond repair.

The policy of family separation is literal child abuse. The impact of this trauma on the brain development of these children will negatively affect their abilities to process stress and form trusting relationships for their entire lives.

The impact of this trauma on parents will negatively affect their ability to provide financially and emotionally for their children for the rest of their lives. No matter one’s party or beliefs about immigration or asylum, this policy is unconscionable.

Katie Scherrer


Toddler torture

Join me in demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions charge himself, President Donald Trump and his advisers Stephen Miller and John Kelly with child kidnapping, abuse, torture and neural destruction of infant and toddler brains. They should also be charged with murder if any of the migrant kids die in custody.

Ramona Rush


No tired, no poor

Many countries have lost their way; now it’s our turn. We elected a bully who rips children away from parents for blackmail, to persuade Congress to fund the Great Wall along Mexico.

When children are moved repeatedly without parents knowing where, the parents have no way of finding them, possibly ever. If this approach were justified, why the secrecy?

Compassionate groups should offer support and comfort every day to these children until they may be reunited with their parents. We need help to identify everyone at entry, at every location and to facilitate communication.

Suffering drives people to come to this country. Until recently we took “the tired, the poor ...” with amazing results. Immigrants are risk takers and bring energy and innovation. Every applicant, successful or not, should be treated with respect. What better way to create thousands of enemies than to break up families and treat every applicant as a criminal? If the government will lock up innocent children, who’s next?

More than a few people are so damaged that their modus operandi is to spread hatred and divisiveness. It’s even worse when good people do nothing to stop them.

Anne Keating


Trauma for all

We, the people, must stand firm for the basic values that have defined the United States. The images and audio recordings of children being removed from their parents at the border traumatize all.

Americans have always stood against such human rights abuses. It is beyond comprehension that the U.S. is perpetrating administrative child abuse on innocents.

How can we stand by and allow this to extinguish our family values and good name? These children will suffer for the rest of their lives due to this draconian measure. Please, follow the lead of the American Psychological Association and act to end this travesty now. Write your legislators and let them know that this is not who we are.

Bill Slater