Conservative Democrat has edge

I am responding to the paper's endorsement of Jack Conway.

Many of you have been through this scenario. As Democrats, you have been blamed for everything from cap-and-trade legislation, health care reform, the national debt, to every abortion that has occurred in Kentucky over the last 40 years.

As a conservative Democrat, I take offense to this. We are not responsible for what these knuckleheads in Washington have done over the years.

I am the only Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who will resist global-warming initiatives and favors scrapping "Obamacare" for health care reform that is reasonable and affordable.

I favor a balanced budget just like I have at home, and I am the only Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life and Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

If you want to win the primary, vote for Conway or Daniel Mongiardo. If you want to win the election, vote for James Buckmaster. Simple as that. I can win in November; they do not stand a chance. This time, the Republican opponent will be much more difficult to beat than Jim Bunning during a Republican surge.

I would like to thank the editorial board for at least inviting me for an interview and listening to my views. That was more courtesy than other papers offered me.