Prepared by life as businessman

Are you sure you want the Republican nominee for Congress to be just another career politician? That's the real question to be answered in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 18.

Either Kentucky can give in to inexperienced career politicians or we can move in a better direction with good ideas from leaders who know how to fight for working people and cut government spending.

The endorsement made by this paper makes it clear that my opponent has groomed himself for a political position. I'm here to tell you that more "government experience" is the last thing we need. We need a congressman who has worked for what he has, who's spent years in business working to create and provide secure, high-wage jobs in Kentucky.

I believe the same old establishment candidate will not get us through these tough times. We need someone with business experience — not another lawyer — making the critical decisions facing this country.

There's little doubt this paper has indulged itself in some of my life's hardships, even though I spent hours proving their research faulty, and has done little to focus on my successes.

However, life has taught me that success is born through life's setbacks. Anyone who hasn't experienced failure has little success or experience.

I have the experience needed to get this government and Kentucky back on track.

If you want a congressman willing to make tough decisions to secure our future, vote for me on May 18.