Public has rejected carbon tax

At issue | Various commentaries, editorials on carbon tax

Faced with overwhelming public opinion against global warming legislation, the left wing is resorting to emotional appeals about the BP oil spill to push the idea of a carbon tax. Regardless of how they spin the issue, the facts heavily disfavor a carbon tax.

The Pew Research Center annually polls people across America to prioritize 21 political issues. Global warming came in dead last again this year. Further, when California put two renewable energy propositions on the ballot in 2008, the nation's most liberal voters sharply rejected them. Clearly, there is no support for such legislation.

Having lost in the court of public opinion, leftists have resorted to a media blitz of shame, scare tactics and elitist commentary. Some have characterized Americans as gluttonous energy hogs, destroying the world with greenhouse gas emissions. However, despite proliferation of energy-consuming electronics and gas-guzzling SUVs, efficiency improvements have kept per capita energy usage flat for 40 years.

Also, our greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of GDP have been cut by 44 percent in the last 30 years. This shows that the power of free-market capitalism is already doing what the carbon-tax proponents are telling us we need to do. It is precisely this freedom that has made our country the most prosperous in the history of mankind, yet the ruling party seems intent on destroying it with regulations.

The leftist media warns that China is leading the world in the development of renewable energy sources. They conveniently forget to tell us that China is developing conventional energy sources even faster. The net result is that the proportion of China's electricity that is renewable has dropped by 3 percent in the last decade.

Ted Koppel produced a documentary three years ago showing how China has been diligently working to become the world's automotive leader, making massive investments in road construction and automobile manufacturing.

They are thirsty for the kind of freedom we enjoy. It boggles my mind why anyone in this country would beg to be taxed and willingly give up freedoms that carbon constraints will take away.

Nevertheless, the media continue to thump their chests about the scientific consensus on global warming. First of all, no one cares. Second, they fail to mention the economic consensus that tax hikes are a bad idea when an economy is in shambles. The Wall Street Journal has labeled the cap-and-trade bill going through Congress the biggest tax in American history.

With this tax, the leftists promise to employ millions of people in a green economy but do not address the logical conclusion that the tax will inflict greater damage on the overall economy. The proposed carbon tax would make energy much more expensive.

This would mean less money for food, shelter and health care for every American and more money for government bureaucrats to redistribute to a select few.

For decades, Americans have embraced energy efficiency efforts, the development of new sources of energy and cleaning up the environment. However, we have clearly rejected the idea of taxing carbon emissions. We must make it a point in November to vote against any politician who supports such a tax.