Reasons for Iraq war still not clear

The saddest thing about those 4,400 who died for us in a tribal area in the watershed of the Euphrates is that they never got to find out why.

There are two explanations for our invasion of Iraq, but the public one was fake and the real one a state secret.

Our pronounced purpose in Iraq was to be social workers who had to shoot our way in, avoid the bombs of an enemy who looks just like our friends, and install a functioning, stable democracy as sort of a model home for the Middle East Subdivision.

In doing this, we will topple the only kind of ruler who can impose order on a nation of tribes. Saddam Hussein was disgusting in his killer bloodlust, but was what we have been looking for ever since we hanged him. A secular leader who didn't give a shia if the Sunni came up or not and was no friend of al-Qaida.

Was even Bush or Cheney dumb enough to get thousands killed and maimed and crazy just to get rid of a sadist and replace him with suicide bombers?

Or did the Republicans, cloned by an Australian billionaire destroying public discourse, just spend that trillion dollars in Iraq so they could accuse President Barack Obama of deficit spending?

I doubt it. No, I suspect that when Obama got elected, they called him in and told him that since Sept. 11, 2001, we had been at war with the Muslim world, and would plan and act that way, but we could not declare such a war out loud.

Saying we are at war with all of Islam would cost us the tactical advantage we could gain by putting military bases and airstrips in their places.

So now we are in two wars in Muslim countries and we are picking a fight with Iran, but may decide to play with North Korea instead.

Our leader may well have decided that World War IV started already and we needed a quick excuse to invade the Middle East and used Saddam's Kurds as the way to do it.

Why are we at war with everybody over there? They are still mad at Christianity over the Crusades plus, we are allowing them to be bullied and humiliated by their cousins. In short, we are trying to impose nations onto tribal areas.

Why are cousins fighting? Why are we being attacked even though we are a good-hearted people?

Religion is the answer — religion which vests land title, which claims certain places as sacred, which provides virgins to dead bombers, which causes U.S. foreign policy to be driven by the contents of old writings of one of a few hundred religions.

Here's a settlement tip for you, Hillary: Tell all those who live in Jerusalem they have one year to get out. Then blow it to rubble and put the world's nuclear waste there and tell your peace table, "Now, fight over it."

Larry Webster is a Pikeville attorney.