Meet our letter writers: Donald R. Fugette

Retired electrical/environmental engineer, 76, Lexington; Independent Christian Church member, very conservative Republican (before any current talk shows); lifelong Fayette County resident, has been active in PTA, Lafayette Band Association and with church youth groups and Cub Scouts.

What motivates you to write?

As a patriotic American, I was very discouraged to see the deterioration occurring in the greatest society ever created by mankind. It is because our people are not educated in our constitutional government and the accomplishments that created this society. I respond to issues where I think the general public is badly informed to try to get them to think out issues. I have no desire to tell them how to vote but only to arm them to vote intelligently. They consistently vote only their own interests and not the national interest.

My sources of subjects are Fox News, Facebook, Rush Limbaugh, local commentator Leland Conway and a mall-walkers coffee group that meets five days a week.

What shaped your worldview?

I am a student of the word of God and try to apply it in all phases of my life. I believe in one God, one faith and that this is necessary to live eternally with him.

I was educated in the Lexington school system: Johnson Elementary, Lexington Junior and Henry Clay High schools. This education provided me knowledge and wisdom to make the real decisions of life. I was fortunate to have teachers who did not waste time on my lunch-room needs, my dress, political philosophy or the different lifestyles that now plague students.

I believed strongly in traditions providing togetherness, fun and education: family meals and vacations, church attendance, holidays and support of one another in whatever we undertake.

My mother and father did this, but we children allowed it to drop after their deaths. I was determined to do better with my current family.

I grew up with morning and afternoon papers that presented a "fair and balanced news" report. Delivering them helped me meet my financial needs in college.