Meet our letter writers: Lynn Fish Blacketer

Lynn Fish Blacketer
Lynn Fish Blacketer

Fund-raiser very involved in animal rescue and protection, 55, Nicholasville; husband, Paul, two sons, two grandchildren; born in California, lived in Kentucky most of adult life.

What motivates you to write?

I cannot stand injustice and knee-jerk reactions. I am often able to see both sides of an issue, and it bothers me when others cannot or will not.

I try to write only when I think what I have to say is important or interesting.

Quite often I set aside an article to write a letter about and then change my mind.

What shaped your worldview?

We lived in Texas when I was age 2 to 5. Some of my earliest memories are of various events that happened because of prejudice against people other than whites.

One time, my granny and I were in a little store, and I dropped my purse. A very nice elderly black man helped me pick it up, and I thanked him. I was chastised and spanked for "mixing." I also witnessed a cross burning. At the age of 5, I decided this was ridiculous.

As I grew up, I also realized that the way we treat animals is horrific.