Moffett: Reject failed government, bring business skills to Frankfort

On May 17, Kentucky Republicans will face a 1776 moment.

Do we continue down the same path or do we move toward being the most prosperous Kentucky we have ever known?

The leadership of our commonwealth over the past 10 years has kept our wages low, under-educated our children and drowned us in a mountain of debt.

The Herald Leader wants you to nominate for governor the same ruling-class, career politician who put us in this mess.

Sen. David Williams voted for the last six budgets, declaring all them balanced. How can our budgets be balanced when our debt and state pension plans have soared from $3 billion in 2000 to over $44 billion in 2010?

Gov. Steve Beshear and Williams voted together on multiple tax increases.

Williams is worse than Beshear on pensions, having voted himself a million-dollar taxpayer-provided pension bonus in 2005. Does Williams really act like a conservative?

My 4-Corners Platform will create jobs by repealing the current mess of 240 taxes, fees and surcharges with a single-rate retail sales tax. It will create job opportunities quickly.

We will get back to commonsense budgeting. We will not spend more money than we take in, and we will not spend it until we have it in the bank.

I'm a businessman, not a politician. I will bring business skills to Frankfort and take Kentucky toward prosperity.

I'm endorsed by state and national Tea Party groups and the Northern Kentucky Right to Life. Please see www.philmoffett.com and vote Tuesday.