Vote for citizen-candidate who will guard your money

John T. Kemper III
John T. Kemper III

I am John T. Kemper III, a Republican candidate for state auditor. As a Kentuckian of 47 years, I appreciate and want to preserve our unique way of life.

I have spent the last 33 years finding ways around the obstacles the government has placed in my path to keep me from earning a living and ironically paying taxes, which is what the government wants most from all of us.

Over the last decade, our state debt has exploded to $10 billion in bonded debt and $43 billion in underfunded state pensions.

State government has grown too large, too intrusive and is unsustainable. The auditor's office is uniquely equipped to reduce the size of state government.

I envision a "Debt-Free Kentucky" empowering each of us to follow their dreams in Kentucky.

All revenue and expenditures would be put on-line for public review.

I will be the independent auditor KRS 43.050 requires. I am the only candidate in either the May primary or the November General Election who meets this requirement.

We need new leadership in Frankfort with vision, the ability to think outside the box and someone focused on the issues important to the hardworking taxpayers of Kentucky, not on re-election.

I offer a clear choice between yet another career politician or a citizen-candidate who understands the problems government creates for the hardworking folks of Kentucky.

I humbly ask to be the "guardian of our tax dollars." Please vote Kemper for auditor on Tuesday.