Meet our letter writers: George Weems

George Weems
George Weems

State environmental Inspector with the Division of Waste Management, Frankfort Regional Office, 58, Murray State graduate; member and newsletter editor of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, member of the Blue Grass Amateur Astronomical Club and an amateur telescope maker; born in Syracuse, NY.

What motivates you to write?

I am interested in all facets of science and can't resist joining the fray when those with a bias against science abuse it. I have been busy lately.

What shaped your world view?

Part of it was being the son of a World War II air transport pilot. My dad was one of the pilots of the 27th Air Transport Group. My mom was the one who taught us kids to read, so we were well-established readers by the time we were in first grade. Reading truly is a precious gift because it means freedom from the wasteland of broadcast news.