Meet our letter writers: George Tomaich

Retired pharmaceutical executive, 68, Lexington; married father of three and grandfather of one; enjoy plants especially rhododendrons and azaleas; Chicago native.

What motivates you to write?

I find it maddening that our society is being driven by many fallacies, among them are catastrophic climate change, evolution, fear of nuclear power and government is your friend, to mention a few. The major news media are totally taken in by these fallacies. I write to those people who are not taken in by these absurdities to offer them assurance that they are not alone in their doubts about the media's viewpoints. I feel that these fallacies are aimed at transforming our country into a Brave New World order, an all-powerful government run by a despotic elite.

What shaped your world view?

It seems to have evolved over the years. It changed from my early years when I thought big government was the answer for all problems and evolution explained how life forms evolved. But as I grew older I read in an effort to understand what was happening in the world.

In school, I was exposed to a broad range of science: biology, physiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and more. The bottom line was that all life forms are just too complicated to happen by blind chance. In short, we were engineered.

Over my lifetime, I watched cities grow and evolve. The more that government injected itself into the lives of the people that it intended to help, the worse off they became.

Instead of helping the people get on their feet, it created a welfare class with the recipients of its handouts becoming ever more dependent on the government and less on their own initiative.

Noted economist Walter Williams has stated "the welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn't do, what the harshest racism couldn't do, and that is to destroy the black family."