Meet our letter writers: Tom Louderback

Accountant, 58, Louisville, married since college and new grandfather; volunteer for civic causes; Quaker.

What motivates you to write?

My motivation to write is about as simple as you can get. I write because I care. My parents raised me to care about others and practice what we preach. Many of my friends were raised on that idea, too. Later on, I married into a family that believes much the same thing with some different perspectives. I was lucky enough to find the love of my life in early adulthood. That good fortune seems to motivate me even more than everything else.

What shaped your worldview?

In a single word, it's about solidarity. We are all in this life together as far as I can tell. Some of my friends say I am a "liberal." If that is accurate, I hope it's because the root meaning of the word is "generosity." Sharing with each other must surely be the reason why we are here.