Meet our letter writers: Lynn Embaugh

Lynn Embaugh

Domestic goddess, 51, Lancaster, married with grown son. Member of the Daughters of American Revolution, Homestead at Herrington Lake Homeowners and very active with Herrington Lake Conservation League. Love gardens, a feisty schnauzer named Derby Doodle Dandy and a 125-pound Doberman named Dallas Doomsday Defense.

What motivates you to write?

Seriously, I want to answer in two words: stupid stuff. Or maybe too much government. It changes. But I was taught to write what I know, so when I write a letter about, say, NASCAR, I know about Kentucky Speedway's Bruton Smith, and I am spitting bullets at this moment, after the state invested $4.1 million. I warned y'all three days after the fiasco, he would want money. It's bridges and highways to nowhere.

What shaped your worldview?

Growing up in Spring, Texas, north of Houston, I was allowed access to the world. It was during the oil rush, and things were good in Texas. I had a couple of horses I paid for, and paid for their feed with money from work. I was expected to work for anything I had.

My folks and my friends' folks were very well off, and we never had need for anything. But my mother came from a very different world of blue-collar poverty.

I've been a mom, a sales rep, a bartender, a restaurant manager, a rodeo queen, a wife and a daughter. So, you can say, I've been around.

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