Inter-city buses could connect workers and jobs

As a former employment staffing specialist, I'm very concerned about the lack of public transportation linking Lexington with Nicholasville and Georgetown.

These two towns are home to many manufacturors, such as Toyota, Johnson Controls and Qualex in Georgetown and McKechnie Vehicle Components and Hospital Specialty Co. in Nicholasville.

During my career, there was rarely a day that I did not speak with someone searching for employment who lacked one basic requirement: transportation. Often, I would speak with staffing agencies in Lexington regarding employment opportunities for my candidates, only to be told the positions they were seeking to fill were in Nicholasville or Georgetown. There were jobs and the people to fill them, yet a lack of transportation prevented them from applying for and receiving the employment.

We're hearing now that progress and growth hinge on refurbishing the Lexington Center/Rupp Arena area. But how many of Lexington's unemployed would benefit from this proposed project?

If small bus or van transportation were made available on a daily schedule, to and from the front doors of these establishments in Georgetown and Nicholasville, Lexington would benefit from the new paychecks being spent for basic necessities at Fayette County businesses.

I'm not talking about a freebie. Riders would pay to use this service. After all, they would have to pay for fuel and insurance if they drove their own vehicles each day.

Operating these small buses or vans would also provide employment.

Better transportation would serve to lower the unemployment rate for Lexington, Kentucky and our nation.

I feel sure that if this suggestion were studied, developed and put in place, it would not be a detriment to our society, but rather a huge encouragement in the longterm.

Perhaps there are federal or state grants that would aid in establishing such public transportation for our community. It might be worth checking into.