Quotes from the General Assembly

The Kentucky Senate votes out last-minute bills Friday March 30, 2012 at the Capitol in Frankfort, Ky. The regular session ends at midnight, with one veto day reserved for a day in April. (AP Photo/John Flavell)
The Kentucky Senate votes out last-minute bills Friday March 30, 2012 at the Capitol in Frankfort, Ky. The regular session ends at midnight, with one veto day reserved for a day in April. (AP Photo/John Flavell) AP

"We might as well be backing trucks filled with cash up to the Ohio River and dumping that money into the water."

Gov. Steve Beshearreferring to Kentuckians gambling in neighboring states, in his State of the Commonwealth Address that included a call for a constitutional amendment on expanded gambling

"Our medicine cabinets are deadlier than our highways."

Gov. Beshear

referring to prescription drug addiction in the State of the Commonwealth Address

"It's just been five years in the making, so I'm sure he's still drafting something."

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville

responding to Beshear's State of the Commonwealth remarks about a gambling amendment

"Tax reform is like taking a vacation. You have to decide where to go and then decide if you have the time and resources to get there."

House Speaker Greg Stumbo D-Prestonsburg

responding to Beshear's State of the Commonwealth remarks on tax reform

"At some point, people around here got to put on their big boy pants, suck it up and quit screwing the taxpayers. This has gone on long enough."

Sen. Tim Shaughnessy, D-Louisville

on the debate over road funding

"I would be embarrassed to vote for a plan that divides the home county of a sitting congressman."

Rep. Jeff Hoover, R-Jamestown

during floor debate on the congressional redistricting plan passed by the House

"The court therefore concludes that the redistricting cure of House Bill 1 is worse than the malapportionment disease that it was legally required to remedy, at least for the next two years."

Franklin Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd

in an order throwing out the legislative redistricting plan approved by the General Assembly

"If you want to stop methamphetamine labs, you will make (cold medications containing pseudoephedrine) a prescription."

R. Darrell Weaver

Oklahoma's top drug enforcement officer, testifying to a joint meeting of the Senate and House judiciary committees

"This (a prescription law) is a silver bullet."

Marshall Fisher

Mississippi's top drug enforcement officer, testifying at the same meeting

"What are the really protecting? They are protecting profits over people."

Sen. Tom Jensen, R-London

referring to pharmaceutical companies' opposition to legislation that would require a prescription for pseudoephedrine, a major precursor for methamphetamine

"I don't have a criminal mind; I have a political mind."

Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers, R-Manchester

during a hearing on legislation proposing to require a prescription to obtain precursors for methamphetamines

"There are those who continue to insist that Kentucky can cut its way to prosperity. If that were the case, we'd all be wealthy."

Gov. Beshear

in his budget address

"The bottom line is the safety-net providers are in shreds. There really is no safety net."

Sheila Schuster

a mental health advocate, responding to Beshear's budget proposal

"It's probably hard for us to go home and beat our chests and say we've done something great."

Rep. Rick Rand, D-Bedford

chairman of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee during floor debate on the $19.5 billion state budget

"There's just not enough water in the bucket to quench the thirst."

Rep. Wilson Stone, D-Scottsville

during a committee discussion of the budget for prosecutors and the attorney general's office

"I've never known her to cave under pressure. She's an iron horse."

Rep. Tom Burch, D-Louisville

commenting on the mid-session resignation of Janie Miller, secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services

"If this is about generating money for the state, why are we giving the damn things away?

Sen. Dan Seum, R-Louisville

questioning the casino gambling amendment's guarantee of licenses for racetracks

"I don't understand why we can't put the fate of Kentucky in the hands of Kentuckians."

James Comer, agriculture commissioner

expressing his support for a casino gambling amendment

"For a lot of people in Eastern Kentucky, their land line is their lifeline."

Cathy Allgood Murphy

of AARP, responding to a regulation that would allow phone companies to end basic phone service in some parts of the state

"Most of the trees along the right-of-way are just scrub trees. These aren't oaks or walnuts or majestic trees."

Rep. Jim DeCesare, R-Rockfield

commenting on a bill that would allow trees to be cut in state highway right-of-way to provide a better view of billboards

"I don't think we want to get into an esoteric discussion of the trivial."

Sen. Stivers

discussing separation of powers during committee consideration of a proposed constitutional amendment

"It shows where our priorities are, and they ain't here."

Sen. Tom Buford, R-Nicholasville

commenting on the rearranged Senate schedule and Williams' missing a session day for the SEC tournament

"It's like two mules fighting over a turnip."

Speaker Stumbo

describing negotiations between the GOP-controlled Senate and the Democratic-controlled House on a bare-bones budget

"It is defined as modern-day slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in Kentucky."

Rep. John Tilley

addressing the need for legislation to deal with human trafficking

"Once it's adopted, we're going to see this problem immediately start to resolve itself. These people who are engaged in this particular type of endeavor will leave. My only regret is that we didn't put their sorry butts in jail before they left the state."

Speaker Stumbo

on legislation to restrict licensing of pill mills