Stan Lee: Battle-tested, with lots of endorsements

Stan Lee is running for reelection for the District 45 House seat.
Stan Lee is running for reelection for the District 45 House seat.

The paper has, once again, chosen to endorse my opponent. That's no surprise. The editorial board and I have never really seen eye to eye.

Its members don't like that I believe that a bigger, more intrusive government is bad for this state.

Year after year, I vote against budgets laden with wasteful spending, bloated bureaucracy and more debt.

I've voted against allowing the government to dictate what medication you can take when you have the sniffles.

I've sponsored legislation to give parents more control over their child's education.

They don't like that I believe in the Constitution, the whole Constitution. To them, the 10th Amendment only exists when it's convenient to their agenda.

I, on the other hand, have introduced legislation to reassert Kentucky's state's rights and push back against job-killing legislation like "Obamacare" and cap-and-trade.

They also treat the 2nd Amendment with contempt while I have been a staunch defender of the right to bear arms.

They don't like that I have stood up for family values, fighting to make sure the rights of every unborn child are protected.

They don't like, that unlike some, I am battle tested.

Fortunately, I have lots of friends and supporters, including the NRA, Kentucky Right to Life and the Fraternal Order of Police, all of whom have endorsed me.

I hope the voters of the 45th district will agree that I am the man for the job.

However, the Herald-Leader and I will just have to agree to disagree.