Ky. Voices: Extremism on guns can tear down this nation

Bob Terrell of Corbin is an author and retired business executive.
Bob Terrell of Corbin is an author and retired business executive.

This is not a perfect nation, but it is our nation. This talk of revolution over gun regulations is extremist hysteria. Our neighbors, family and friends are part of our military, law enforcement and other governmental agencies.

Are we going to revolt against them if we don't get our way? Do you really believe our military and law enforcement are coming into our homes to take our guns? That is utter nonsense. Those who compare our leaders with Hitler are totally irresponsible.

I learned very much about assault weapons while in the Marine Corps. My wife and I own weapons we keep in our home for protection. We believe in Second Amendment rights, but we also believe in common-sense regulations on gun ownership.

There are several reasonable steps we need to take in our nation to reduce horrible violence that results from citizens shooting other citizens every day.

1. Develop reasonable background checks on citizens when they purchase a gun. This is not designed to prevent gun ownership but to be responsible citizens.

2. Limit the number of rounds a magazine or clip can contain to no more than 10.

3. Allow assault weapons to only be owned by our military and law enforcement. When the founding fathers passed the Second Amendment the musket was the primary weapon. There is a world of difference between a musket and an assault weapon.

4. Develop better mental-health programs to identify and treat people with problems that could lead to violent actions against innocent people.

Are these actions going to eliminate deaths from guns and violence against innocent people? No, but if we can reduce the deaths of some innocent victims it will be worth the effort. Let's act now.

The gun lobby's purpose is to instill fear, distrust and animosity among citizens to assure more guns are sold.

I have never felt the need to have an assault weapon in my home. An assault weapon was designed to kill many people.

Unlike citizens of some countries, we have the right to elect our officials. Many citizens don't even take time to vote. Some are great at whining and crying if they can't totally get their way. I don't agree with everything done in government but I don't complain about paying my fair share of taxes.

My dad, who served in the Navy during World War II, told me, "Each of us should support our nation with money, sweat, loyalty, and our lives." I believe in the words "God bless America" and not in the words "Let's have a revolution and kill those people with whom we don't agree."

In a democracy, each of us cannot always have our way. There must be a willingness to work together and compromise.

Let's grow up.