Religious Freedom Bill: Zealots are the real threat to liberty

Gov. Steve Beshear showed courage in vetoing House Bill 279 even though it was overridden by the House. At age 79 I have never felt my religious freedom is in jeopardy in our nation. I can go to the church of my choice, read my Bible, give my offering and pray quietly wherever I wish. I fear the world's biggest danger comes from religious zealots who will not tolerate those with whom they disagree.

Some believe that because they can't make a spectacle of their own religion and force it down the throats of others, their own religious freedom is endangered. Why should those of us who are considered religious be allowed to discriminate against others? Is "Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you" a value from our Bible we accept?

I hear no persuasive sermons about the sins of sending our precious men and women to war for reasons expressed that were lies.

I hear no passionate sermons to protect the voting rights of some Americans.

I hear no pleas "that as we minister unto the least of these, we minister unto Christ," but there is much anguish to give tax cuts to the rich as millions of our people are out of work, hungry and have no hope.

I respect those who oppose abortion but should they have the freedom to take away the freedom of a woman to make that personal decision? We must find ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Is there freedom in America when a man or woman falls in love with a partner of the same sex and is prohibiited from the freedom to marry?

Many support a few simple regulations on guns, such as tougher background checks; allowing only our military and law enforcement to have assault weapons, which were created for killing masses of people, and limiting magazines and clips to 20 rounds. These simple gun regulations don't endanger our Second Amendment rights but that isn't good enough for those who love guns more than children.

The far right suffers from Acute Paranoiac Egomania Syndrome, known as APES. Watch our for the APES.

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