Responses from unendorsed candidates

Kentucky House's 56th District candidate Republican Lyen Crews
Kentucky House's 56th District candidate Republican Lyen Crews

Experience to help solve state's pressing issues

I hoped, when making its endorsement for state representative, this newspaper would consider issues most important to our community. Instead, the Herald-Leader neglected those issues and predictably supported one of the two liberals in the race.

Voters consistently tell me they care most about job creation and improving health care and education.

Throughout this campaign, I have taken real, concrete positions on issues and have explained how I would bring needed change to Frankfort.

To create jobs, we must implement a job-friendly tax code that provides relief to small businesses and working families. We can and must make Kentucky the destination for business.

Obamacare is stifling job creation. We must stop the expansion of Obamacare in Kentucky and make health care more affordable and accessible.

I worked for over 13 years at Midway College and know our children and grandchildren deserve an effective education. We must ensure that taxpayer resources make it into the classroom and that teachers and parents are empowered.

If elected, I would be the only certified public accountant in the state legislature, which needs a CPA to help eliminate wasteful government spending and to create balanced budgets.

Kentuckians want someone with the experience and qualifications to help put Kentucky back on the right track. They want someone who can work with all parties to provide serious solutions to Kentucky's most pressing problems.

I've worked in the education and health care fields for over 20 years. I know my experience uniquely qualifies me to serve our community as its state representative.

Lyen Crews

Republican candidate

House District 56

Fighter to improve district, lives of our families

Growing up in Woodford County, I believe that Central Kentucky is the best place to live, work and raise a family. As the Democratic nominee for 56th District, I will listen to you and your family and fight for our community.

I am a proud product of public schools, receiving degrees from the University of Kentucky and UK law. Now, I practice law in Central Kentucky.

Our families deserve someone who fights for them every day. That starts with ensuring our children have a high quality education. Kentucky schools have improved over the past 20 years, but our work is not done.

I will work closely with parents and teachers to ensure schools have the resources needed to prepare our children for the jobs of the future.

I will also work to grow small businesses and provide our manufacturers with the tools they need to compete. Our district needs a representative who strongly supports our horse industry. Our horse farms deserve the same tax breaks as the rest of our agriculture industry.

I am the only candidate who supports expanded gaming and tax reform to support our horse industry and provide additional revenue for our schools.

Our motto, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" means that we are all Kentuckians first and we must put Kentucky above party to move our state forward. I am committed to working with anyone, regardless of party, for a brighter future for all Kentuckians. I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday.

James Kay

Democratic candidate

House District 56