Morning Newsletter

Blue bloods, but no blue horses

NEW YORK — By his own admission, Kendall Hansen has come up with a few oddball ideas in 30 years of owning racehorses.

His latest brainstorm created quite a stir: He wanted a blue horse.

Hansen is the majority owner of a Kentucky Derby hopeful named Hansen. He proposed dying his near-white colt's tail and mane blue, with a touch of yellow, to match his racing silks for Saturday's $400,000 Gotham Stakes at Aqueduct.

Hansen's blog posting last month drew the ire of racing traditionalists citing bad taste and disrespect to the game. Others supported the owner's claim that a little horse coloring would be a good thing.

Racing stewards in New York had the final word, though, and said there is "no sustaining merit to the request." They cited several reasons, including a need to protect the integrity of the sport and discourage other owners from making similar requests.