Kentucky 7th-fattest state

Lardy, lardy: Kentucky is the seventh-fattest state in America, according to a new analysis.

Mississippi is No. 1, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control data done by CalorieLab Inc. This is one instance where Kentuckians may be glad to ride Mississippi's fat-fried coattails.

The fattest states, in order of pudge, are: Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The slimmest state is Colorado, followed by Hawaii.

Maria Boosalis, a University of Kentucky associate professor and director of UK's division of clinical nutrition, says Kentucky's problem isn't unique but is the sort of thing that calls for lifestyle changes.

“Is there a place we can get a portion size that is reasonable for us to eat?” she asks. “Can we get healthy foods that aren't high in salt, high in sugar, and get those at a reasonable cost? Do we have places where we can be physically active?”

The answer to all those questions should be “yes.”

We can scale back our portions, Boosalis says, noting that a protein portion should be the size of a playing card, not a serving platter.

And she notes that your daily food intake should include “cups and cups of fruits and vegetables” — even higher than the five-a-day lately in vogue.

Kentucky does beat Mississippi on another weighty matter. With 69.1 percent of its population considered either mildly overweight or actually obese (these are considered separate categories), Kentucky is a full point ahead of Mississippi.

An ounce of victory, a pound of defeat.