Ravens-Texans game rescheduled for Nov. 9

The Baltimore Ravens-Houston Texans game was rescheduled to Nov. 9 after Reliant Stadium was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike.

The Texans' home opener was originally scheduled for Sunday, then postponed to Monday night as Ike approached the Gulf Coast. The Category 2 storm slammed into Texas on Friday night and moved into Houston early Saturday morning.

Ike tore chunks off the stadium's retractable roof and the damage couldn't be fixed in time for the game, said Shea Guinn, the president and general manager of Reliant Park.

"There are parts of the roof that are completely gone," Guinn said.

The retractable roof on the $352 million venue rolls open in nine sections. Guinn said five of the sections were missing and large pieces of debris had fallen into the stadium.

"It's hard to tell what came from where," Guinn said.

The Texans said alternate sites for Monday night were considered, but logistics made them impossible.

The new date also affects the Cincinnati Bengals' schedule.

Houston was originally scheduled to play the Bengals on Nov. 9. Now, those teams will play on Oct. 26 and Cincinnati will take its bye week on Nov. 9, when the Texans now play the Ravens. Baltimore had an open date on Nov. 9 on its original schedule.

'Oucho' Cinco marked man

After a mid-week practice, the receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson loosened one of the straps on his protective shoulder harness with a disdainful tug.

"I really wish they'd let me take this thing off because it's getting in the way," he said, moving his left shoulder freely once the brace was loosened. "Seriously, it's getting in the way. It's hampering my performance."

He may want to keep it for at least one more week.

The Tennessee Titans are coming to town with a determination not to let the Pro Bowl receiver embarrass them again. When they played last season in Cincinnati, the Bengals receiver had a career day featuring an over-the-top touchdown celebration.

The Titans remember how Ocho Cinco rubbed it in.

"Definitely, we're looking forward to playing the Bengals and 'Oucho' Cinco this week," Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "We're aware of his shoulder. He has a little 'owie.' We definitely send that message to him."

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