Status updates for sports celebs

Facebook users are presented the prompt on their home page, "What are you doing right now?" Here is how some people we know might be answering:

Billy Clyde Gillispie worries that averaging 22.5 turnovers in last week's games was not a good sign.

Jodie Meeks thinks life is good.

Patrick Patterson wishes someone would give me the finger — a healthy right middle finger, that is, so I can stop taping my shooting hand.

Perry Stevenson looked in the mirror and found the third scorer.

Ramon Harris wants the rest of my season to be B-O-R-I-N-G.

Rick Pitino wishes March Madness started today.

Terrence Williams says where there is a T-Will, there is a T-Way.

Edgar Sosa thinks January 4 was a really good day.

John Leslie Pelphrey feels strongly that Arkansas should be in the Big 12.

Darrin Horn is thinking the best young coach with Kentucky ties may not be named Pelphrey nor Ford, actually.

Billy Donovan swears the next time he'll put all his defenders in the backcourt.

Bruce Pearl is really, really, really missing Chris Lofton.

Andy Kennedy wants to give peace a chance.

Mark Gottfried feels sad.

Dennis Felton hopes the job market will be better in about two months.

Mike Slive wants to talk football.

Roy Williams is tired of hearing I can't win it all without Matt Doherty's players.

Gary Williams can't believe how long ago 2002 seems.

Mike Krzyzewski says the Big East is junk and the ACC rules.

John Calipari is having a nightmare about free throws.

Tubby Smith has decided Minnesota in the winter isn't cold at all.

Tom Crean would like to talk about my recruiting class, please.

Bob Knight says now that I'm in the sports media I really hate myself.

Billy Packer feels forgotten.

Dick Vitale is heartily sick of talking about Duke. Psych.

Jarvis Varnado is throwing a block party, and Perry Stevenson and Patrick Patterson are invited.

Shelvin Mack says Chris Lofton told me he who laughs last, laughs loudest.

Blake Griffin hears that the No. 1 overall NBA draft pick makes pretty good coin.

Tyler Hansbrough wants to elbow you in the head, and make you like it.

Jeff Teague thinks those phone calls with Chris Paul are really paying off.

Stephen Curry would like as much camera time at Davidson games as my mom gets.

Pat Summitt is thinking that 1,000 is a nice, round number.

Angel McCoughtry says every time a bell rings, an Angel gets a double-double.

Eleia Roddy would like some help, please.

Matthew Mitchell now wishes he'd done a little recruiting for this season.

Mike Slive still wants to talk football.